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Things to Know About Vidya Coaching is an online classroom which does not require a physical attendance. It is a portal for one and all with the vision to be the b e s t -in-class portal to groom scholars serving knowledge, infotainment and professional needs moreover to introduce the easiest way of presenting the ideas of soft skills and education for modern generation. Through the Internet and specially designed software; online tuitions are delivered to the students by expert professional and well qualified teachers. is conducted in a secure web interface where the students and the tutors collaborate together and solve the problems. They use a combination of interactive and latest version chalk board, voice over internet and share the relevant study material after every session. has the latest generation of technologies to deliver education of the highest quality to the widest range of students at affordable prices. has also an offline well designed digitalized classroom at Mahaveer Nagar, Raipur, Chhattisgarh to learn English and improve your fluency through AUDIO VI DUAL SYSTEM as well as a platform to develop your physical, mental and spiritual personality. is carefully and intelligibly started up by Vidya Social Welfare and Skill Development Organisation, Chhattisgarh, a registered NGO to develop online solutions in education and virtual meeting space using advance technology of global standards. Mr. Kushal, The director of himself trains the faculty and supervise the entire team and the students individually for all round improvement and goodwill. The technical support team provides 24X7 service to support and guide the complete customer cycle as per situation. In our offline classes the students avail learning English through AUDIO VI DUAL SYSTEM and get advantage of the stage shows held tim e to time. There is also a digital recording machine to record the voice of the students to check their common errors, pauses, voice pitch and voice thrilling from beginning till end of the session. All of our offline students are given Lifetime Free Membership Cards to assure them our 100o/o reliable service until they are satisfied with themselves as they require.