What is Vidya Coaching All About

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Vidya Coaching is an institution where our experts and well qualified teachers groom scholars with effective communication skill and enchanting personality for the modern generation. Vidya Coaching is conducted by ‘Vidya Social Welfare and Skill Development Organisation’. Our mission is to introduce you the easiest way of learning English with play way method through Audio Visual System changing the boring and traditional way of teaching. Moreover we dream to see everyone speaking English without hesitation and fear.

Our Vision

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Our Vision is to be the best-in-class portal and install English language in every student by simplifying it, relating it by day to day life experience. We intend to serve knowledge, infotainment and professional needs being a true guide to all sections of the society to make our nation strong and up to date. We wish to serve as a valuable resource in English language establishing ourselves as a source of pride for all.

Our Aim

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Our aim is to make you free from fear, hesitation and shyness for speaking fluent English in front of a crowd. In addition we aim to change the traditional and boring way of teaching as well as groom thousands of intellectual teachers in different parts of the country who can teach the students following the play way method of Vidya Coaching. As we see, nowadays English has a special and predominant role in the communicative sphere of the world.

Our Products

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Our experts are continuously working for the betterment of the services what we provide in our Online Spoken English Virtual Classes for the rural and urban areas and Offline Class situated at Raipur Chhattisgarh. It facilitates a collaborative learning environment in a cost efficient manner and also provides a friendly environment to open up. Clear sound quality, topical display pictures, integrated study materials and class recordings double your interest during the learning session. Our exclusive study materials are the result of the experience of our well-qualified expert teachers.

Our offline students experience a unique way of teaching through Audio Visual System in our well designed digital classroom which is specially designed and innovated by our experts.

Our Services

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We have a well designed digital offline class at Mahaveer Nagar, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India where thousands of students, teachers, government and private employees as well as housewives are getting advantage of improving their fluency in English through Audio Visual System.

Vidya Coaching also offers services in online learning where you can learn English at your own pace through your computer, laptop, notepad or an android mobile phone sitting at your home in your desired time. We have designed our online class integrating every helpful modern teaching implement with latest technology. Trained & experienced teachers with university degrees prove effective direct teaching methods encouraging the students to speak English. When you join us, our technical support team helps you to set up your software, microphone, speakers and headset. If you need help or advice at any time, our support team is always ready.

Our Strengths

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We assure you to learn and speak English even if you are at the first step of English. we create a study plan to ensure you make constant progress. Our strength lies in our understanding of the ground realities and the gaps of this space. Our strength lies in our understanding of the ground realities and the gaps in this space. We believe that nothing is impossible in this world. Once when you start learning English with the help of our well rounded modern techniques we never let you be down or disappointed.

We provide ‘Lifetime Free Membership Card’ to each of our offline students to assure them our 100% reliable service.

Management Team

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Mr. Kushal Kumar Sahu is the director of Vidya Coaching who has over 15 years experience in General Management of Educational Institutions and teaching in many schools and colleges as a specified teacher and motivator. He has personally and specifically trained his supporting staffs keeping the goodwill of Vidya Coaching in mind. Well qualified and experienced technicians and engineers are specially appointed to innovate the way of teaching through Audio Visual System for the modern generation. We tirelessly work to improve our product, contents, and community to help you achieve your goals. Being one the entire team is ready to give you comprehensive coverage of your daily based life.

Our Staff

Madhu Sahu

  • Mobile : 9111777333

Ved Dhiwar

  • Mobile : 8770393584

Ghanshyam Sahu

  • Mobile : 9827734646

Manisha Dewangan

  • Office : 07714074646

Our Process

Check the level
& lay the groundwork
Exercise your mouth
muscles with essential tips
Use authentic
topics & pair work
Vocabulary booster
program & stage show

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