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Vidya Coaching is an online classroom which does not require a physical attendance. It is a portal for one and all with the vision to be the best-in-class portal to groom scholars serving knowledge, infotainment and professional needs moreover to introduce you the easiest way of presenting the ideas of soft skills and education for modern generation. Through the Internet and specially designed software; online tuitions are delivered to the students by expert professionals and well qualified teachers here. Vidya Coaching is conducted in a secure web interface where the students and the tutors collaborate together and solve the problems. We use a combination of interactive and latest version chalk board, voice over internet and share the relevant study materials as well as class recordings after every session. Vidya Coaching has the latest generation of technologies to deliver education of the highest quality to the widest range of students at affordable prices.

Vidya Coaching has also an offline well designed digitalized classroom at Mahaveer Nagar Raipur (Chhattisgarh) where thousands of students and professionals even teachers learn English and improve their fluency through AUDIO VIDUAL SYSTEM as well as get an exact platform to develop their physical, mental and spiritual personality.


Vidya Coaching is carefully and intelligibly started up by Vidya Social Welfare and Skill Development Organisation, Chhattisgarh, a registered NGO to develop online solutions in education and virtual meeting space using advanced technology of global standards. Mr. Kushal sir, The director of Vidya Coaching himself trains and groom the faculty and supervises the entire team and the students individually for out-and-out development and improvement. The technical support team provides 24X7 service to support and guide the complete customer cycle as per situation.

In our offline classes the students avail learning English through AUDIO VIDUAL SYSTEM and bleach their personality attending the stage shows held time to time. There is also a digital recording machine to record the voice of the students to check their common errors, voice pauses, voice pitch and voice thrilling from beginning till end of the session. All of our offline students are given Lifetime Free Membership Cards to assure them our 100% reliable service so that they may be satisfied with us.


Online class is a classroom on your computer, laptop, tablet or a mobile through the Internet and specially designed software at your own home or location in your desired time where you access to our experts and experienced teachers to improve your fluency in English and get necessary tips to live a leading life. It is for one and the all who are unable to access here because it does not require a physical attendance.

Offline class is a well designed digitalized classroom situated at Mahaveer Nagar, Raipur, Chhattisgarh where our experts and experienced teachers teach to speak English and give tips to improve your fluency in a play way method through AUDIO VIDUAL SYSTEM i.e. Musical, Entertaining and Unique way of teaching). It's a platform to drive away your hesitation and equip you with an enchanting personality as the time demands.


  1. Vidya Coaching assures you to be fluent in English with a unique and the easiest way of learning.
  2. It can be accessible anytime, anywhere as required. (classroom on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile; no time constraint; accessible across all time zones; no location constraint; accessible across all cities and villages.)
  3. Access to the best and experienced teachers at your own home.
  4. No need to go anywhere, so you save your time, energy and money more over get the environment friendly too with no risk and disturbance.
  5. Parents have the option to monitor and observe the online sessions from any location getting the expert and experienced tutor at home.
  6. You get recordings (audio and video) of every session to revise in future and evaluate your progress. That is to say you have the option to replay it as and when required.
  7. The fee is affordable for everyone as we offer 'Unique Discount Offer'.
  8. You have also an option to do a part time job and earn money along with learning English with Vidya Coaching.

In our online class there are maximum 5 students in a batch. But you have also an option to join individual class (One Teacher - One Student) if you are a teacher, doctor, officer, government employee, businessman or a professional.


Yes, the registration is absolutely free for everyone.


Vidya Coaching has a range of products and services. As per user requirement, it facilitates a collaborative learning environment in an efficient manner and also provides a unique blend of one to one student interaction with coaches and teachers. Question banks, practice papers and expert advice for parents and students are just some of the services available in Vidya Coaching.


We cover following courses:

      Classified Class

    1. Basic Colloquial Level

    2. Higher Level

    3. Communication Level

    4. Individual Class

    5. Basic Colloquial Level

    6. Higher Level

    7. Communication Level



  1. Mathematics

  2. Physics

  3. Chemistry

  4. Biology

  5. Commerce

  6. English

  7. Computer

  8. All Subjects


Our students are from kids to grandparents, individual or group of people who need help with studies or improving language skills by attending the online or offline classes. Our students are school or college students, teachers, doctors, businessmen, officers, government or private employees, farmers and housewives.


You need to have a computer (PC), laptop, tablet or an android mobile in which an internet connection with a minimum speed of 512kbps, a web cam (optional) and a head phone/headset/bluetooth device that is equipped with a microphone.


Our educational contents are developed through the collaboration of experienced educators by expert designers. The contents includes diagnostic and assessment materials and individualized tutorials, which are fully integrated with proprietary Vidya Coaching software and technology in a comfortable, effective, and safe online environment. Students also have access to an online pool of study materials, practice papers and question banks during the session.


The tutors are experts in the subjects they who have at least five years of teaching experience. All are especially trained tutors and undergo continuous professional development through collaboration with Vidya Coaching academic directors. We screen the backgrounds of all applicants before accrediting them as a tutor.


You will need a headset that is equipped with a microphone, access to a broadband internet connection with a minimum speed of 512 kbps, a PC, laptop, tablet or an android mobile. You need to invest nothing in technology except it.


Vidya Coaching platform develops an easy learning process through latest and simple to use technology which let our students completely be satisfied with us and their progress.
In our offline class you are provided ‘Lifetime Free Membership Card’ to assure you our 100% reliable service so that you may rejoin the class to improve your fluency whenever you want..


Vidya Coaching operates classes in a secure web environment; in addition please follow the guidelines below:
  • Never forget to log off your from if you are accessing our website from any public place.

  • Please do not let your child divulge the password to anyone. They may misuse it. If so, change your password it to something inconspicuous at once.

  • All classes are conducted under secure environment. All tutors go through screening process before they take classes In case you have any further queries you can notice our Privacy Policy for this.

  • Online tutorials are recorded for future reference. You have an option to re-play it as and when required.

  • No need to go anywhere so you save time on travelling, energy and money.

  • Its environment is friendly too.


We have a variety of payment options available:
  • Cash Deposit

  • Bank Transfer (Through NEFT)

  • Cheque/DD Payment

  • Credit Card/Debit Card

  • Net Banking


The Credit Card/Debit Card mode of payment takes place under secured environment provided by CCAvenue. You can make bank transfer and put reference number which is purely safe.


Of course you can learn to speak fluent English as our former students recommend it the easiest way of learning English. To assure you we also provide 'Lifetime Free Membership Card' to every offline student who can attend the class in any of the batches with no fee until they are satisfied. Our offline class at Mahaveer Nagar, Raipur(Chhattisgarh) is a well designed digital classroom where the students are taught to speak English in play way method through AUDIO VISUAL SYSTEM.

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